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Info for Daily Deal Users

If you purchased one of our daily deal offers (groupon, etc) thank you!  We know that your search to find just the right massage therapist can get expensive, so we wanted to make it a little more economical to give us a try.  We want a chance to wow you.

Also, the best way we meet new clients is by word of mouth; if your experience is fantastic, we hope you'll tell everyone you know!

Frequently Asked Questions About Daily Deals:

Q: When can I schedule my massage session?
A: As soon as you have purchased your certificate, you may access the online scheduler anytime, 24/7 to select your appointment date and time.

Q: I can't seem to get the day and time I want. Are there blackout dates?
A: No, there are no blackout dates. Appointments are first come, first served. Some of our regular clients have standing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments and those times will show as unavailable.

Q: I've called a few times to schedule my appointment and can't seem to reach anyone. What's going on?
A: Due to the nature of our business, your therapist doesn't spend a lot of time at the desk in a typical day. We strive to respond to voicemails promptly, within 24 hours or less. Your best bet is to use the online scheduler to select your appointment time.

Q: The 90-minute option was sold out, so I purchased the 60-minute instead. Can I upgrade to the longer session?
A: Yes, absolutely! When you schedule your massage, reserve a 90-minute session and indicate in the notes that you want to upgrade. When you arrive, you will be charged the difference ($25) for the extra half hour.

Q: Can my spouse and I use our Groupons for a couple's massage?
A: Sorry, we're not staffed for couples massages at this time. Your therapist is only able to perform one massage at a time.

Q: Can my friends and I come at the same time and use our Groupons?
A: Again, your therapist is only able to perform one massage at a time. You and your friend or spouse are welcome to come in together and take turns on the massage table, but be aware that this requires a longer block of time and therefore may not be quite as easy to schedule.

Q: I have purchased more than one certificate and my friend bought one for me too. Can I use them all?
A: Sorry, the offer stipulates only one certificate may be redeemed per person and to be fair we do adhere to that with everyone. If you have extras, you are welcome to give them to your family members or friends. You may also apply the amount you paid for your certificate toward a regularly priced massage.

Q: Your new Groupon offer says it's for new customers only.  That's not fair! Why can't I use it?
A: Sorry, all Groupon deals sold after 9/15/2013 state clearly that they are limited to new customers only.  We send out a customer appreciation special annually via email to all our current customers.  We also send out holiday specials periodically. Be sure you are subscribed and add us to your address book!  We also post specials and last-minute openings periodically via facebook and twitter.

Q: I have an expired certificate from last year's promotion. Can I still use it?
A: You had until the expiration date to redeem for your 60 or 90 minute massage, but if you missed the date you don't lose your money! The amount you paid for your groupon never expires. So, if you paid $52 for your expired Groupon, you may apply that $52 toward the price of any massage session and pay the difference.

If your question hasn't been answered here, please send us a text or email.  You can also put your question into the notes section when you book your session online and your therapist will give you a call ASAP, typically within 24 hours.

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